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Monitor Your Irrigation System Actively to Learn the Most About Water Sustainability

It’s the age of the fear of a world without water. It’s daunting, thinking of a reality where not enough water is available to the masses. It’s also been an incredibly educational time. As experts find alternative water resources and resources to secure future sanitation and distribution, communities band together to more actively protect the

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Solar Landscaping Ideas to Brighten Your Yard

Solar landscape lighting provides the best of both worlds. Not only are your choices renewable and eco-friendly, the solar landscape lights you pick highlight all the painstaking work you’ve done in your yard and accent it beautifully even after the sun goes down. However, you need to take some time to plan and get the

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Save Money With Proper Lawn Watering

Trying to maintain a luscious green lawn when living in Phoenix, AZ can be thought of as an inefficient use of money and resources seeing as most believe that grass is almost impossible to grow in a desert. However, growing a yard full of beautiful green grass can be rather easy and relatively cheap if

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Use Groundcover for a Green Garden in the Desert

Landscaping in Phoenix is no easy feat! Mastery of a vibrant, green yard deserves more than jealous neighbors. It is a true talent to bring life to a yard amidst limited resources and water. Today, we’ll let you in on the secret for one way to convert your dirt-lain lot into a stunning, lush and vibrant

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Landscape Lighting To Set The Mood

Pride of ownership doesn’t just apply to the inside of your home. In fact, it applies to all areas that you would consider your personal space. Many people who take the time to consider the different ways they can make their personal space more attractive and improve it. One way to improve your landscape is

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Keep Your Palo Verde Trees Looking Great

If you live in Phoenix and have a yard, there is a pretty good chance that you have a palo verde growing on your property. Unlike many other trees in the Southwest, palo verde trees are very distinct in that they have bright green bark and bare bright yellow flowers in the spring. They thrive

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These 5 Sprinkler Practices can Save You Water and Money

Adapting to efficient sprinkler use is more important than ever. Not only can ill-monitored Phoenix irrigation systems rack up our monthly bill, but they also waste our most valuable and scarce resource in the desert. Be part of the community that focuses on good water practices, and start with your sprinkler system. Here are some

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Creating a Phoenix Oasis

April is when the springtime temperatures start to leave the Valley and residents start gearing up for the brutally hot summer months. While many Phoenicians skip the task of trying to keep a lush, green yard during the heat of the summer, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. With these simple tips and ideas,

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Creating More Yard Space

When it comes to living in the city, yard space comes at a premium. Yards have to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, which means homeowners often have to compromise with what features to have in their yard. Trees will be by far the biggest yard feature that will be dealt with and sometimes

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Your Green Thumb Yard Tips

Driving around Phoenix and the rest of the Valley, you’ll notice that not many homes bother to try and have a nice, lush green yard of grass. Why waste the time and effort trying to grow grass in the desert? The thought may be that it’s just easier and natural to have a yard of

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