Chemical-Free Weed Control Ideas

Growing grass in Phoenix can be a very difficult task in itself, but nothing can ruin a hard-earned yard faster than pesky weeds that sprout up and begin to take over. If left unchecked, a

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Desert Landscape Ideas – Grass-less Front Yard

Living in the Valley of the Sun can make it difficult to grow and maintain a luscious yard. The relentless heat of the summer sun and cold winter nights can really limit the quality of

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What’s happening in Phoenix This Fall

There's always lots to choose from when you're looking for things to do in Phoenix AZ for adults. In fact, you can even plan ahead and look for the top five things to do Phoenix

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Smart Ways to Make Small Yards Look Big

Every homeowner is constantly looking to get more from what they’ve got. That includes ways to make a small yard look bigger. Advantage Lawn & Outdoor Maintenance understands how to help you get the best

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Light up Your Yard with These Ideas

Part of the fun of working in the yard is planning for the  backyard lighting design that you will use to show off the other improvements that you’ve made. However, you need to be aware

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Great Events in Phoenix For All

Looking for family activities in phoenix that harken back to The Wild West? Don’t worry, these are safe and fun and even include gardening with kids.  Great things to do in phoenix include embracing our

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