Landscaping Tips

Best New Gardening Tools and Gadgets

Lawn work is never done; it’s an ongoing battle against Mother Nature in an attempt to keep yards and gardens from succumbing to the elements. The best chance you stand against the never-ending growth and work that a yard or garden requires is being armed with the latest and greatest tools available. Here are a

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How to Help Your Kids Discover Their Green Thumbs

Summer time is here and the kids are finishing up with school, which means plenty of time for fun activities to keep them engaged and active outside. Getting your kids into gardening can be a fun family activity that could turn into a hobby for life. Gardening encourages a natural curiosity of nature and helps

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Do You Want a Green Lawn? Don’t Overdo It with Your Lawn Maintenance

Are you dreading those summer months that will make your beautifully crafted green yard go brown and patchy? It’s a tricky time, we know. Lawn maintenance in Phoenix AZ is a skill to master, and we’re going to help you do just that. Here are Advantage Lawns' top lawn care in Phoenix tips for summer 2016:

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Use Groundcover for a Green Garden in the Desert

Landscaping in Phoenix is no easy feat! Mastery of a vibrant, green yard deserves more than jealous neighbors. It is a true talent to bring life to a yard amidst limited resources and water. Today, we’ll let you in on the secret for one way to convert your dirt-lain lot into a stunning, lush and vibrant

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Landscape Lighting To Set The Mood

Pride of ownership doesn’t just apply to the inside of your home. In fact, it applies to all areas that you would consider your personal space. Many people who take the time to consider the different ways they can make their personal space more attractive and improve it. One way to improve your landscape is

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Creating a Phoenix Oasis

April is when the springtime temperatures start to leave the Valley and residents start gearing up for the brutally hot summer months. While many Phoenicians skip the task of trying to keep a lush, green yard during the heat of the summer, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. With these simple tips and ideas,

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Your Green Thumb Yard Tips

Driving around Phoenix and the rest of the Valley, you’ll notice that not many homes bother to try and have a nice, lush green yard of grass. Why waste the time and effort trying to grow grass in the desert? The thought may be that it’s just easier and natural to have a yard of

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Landscaping Solutions in Phoenix

Keeping up with your landscaping whether it be a residential or commercial building can be treacherous if you’re doing it yourself. Especially if you have HOA guidelines, trying to keep up with what can and what can’t be in your area can take up too much time in your day. Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance

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Time to Meet the Best Landscapers in Phoenix!

Are you ready for a new, improved yard but not quite sure how to get there? Look no further! Let Advantage Lawn Care take the landscaping reigns. Quality landscaping is hard to come by. Even harder - defining what makes quality landscaping. It isn’t quite as simple as designing your yard beautifully enough to win

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Get Your Sprinklers Set for Spring!

If you live in the Valley of the Sun and you have any kind of lawn and/or plant life on your property, chances are you have a sprinkler system.  If you inherited your system from the previous owner, (or if you simply haven’t maintained it), it may be in need of repair. One of the

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