Tree Trimming

Keep Your Palo Verde Trees Looking Great

If you live in Phoenix and have a yard, there is a pretty good chance that you have a palo verde growing on your property. Unlike many other trees in the Southwest, palo verde trees are very distinct in that they have bright green bark and bare bright yellow flowers in the spring. They thrive

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Winter Pruning is Essential

If you’re wondering about pruning your trees for the next season, you’ll want to take a few Whens, Whys and Why Nots into consideration. When Determining when to prune can depend largely on exactly why you are pruning to begin with.  For example, light pruning done mainly to remove dead wood can be done anytime.

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Consider These Tips When Trimming Palm Trees

Although palm trees come in many varieties, one thing remains constant; they generally require minimal care and maintenance compared to other foliage. Experts suggest only trimming palm trees of excessive branches or dead areas when it’s absolutely necessary as too much pruning will harm the tree. Whether you choose to trim the tree on your

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