Looking for family activities in phoenix that harken back to The Wild West? Don’t worry, these are safe and fun and even include gardening with kids.  Great things to do in phoenix include embracing our history and they offer all sorts of interesting memorabilia and natural wonders for everyone.

Here’s a great example to start. Scottsdale’s Museum of the West has interesting tours and a wonderful collection of paintings that tell the story of early pioneers like Lewis & Clark. There’s memorabilia and even exhibits that teach your children about all the tools of the trade the early cowboys used. The place is even looking forward to adding local storytellers and some gold old fashioned Western movies. You can learn all about admission prices and other details at scottsdalemuseumwest.org.

Gardening with Kids in Phoenix

If you’d rather teach them about something more natural, Phoenix offers a chance for gardening with kids at the Desert Botanical Garden. Here’s where you and your family can connect with the desert like never before with the flashlight tours, trails, and exhibitions they offer. Parents should check out the wide range of kid’s programs offered here when they’re looking for activities in Phoenix for everyone.

No trip to the Wild West would be complete without a visit to one of more famous landmarks. That old silver mining town, Tombstone, is immediately recognizable for the name. You’ll find what the locals like to call real history is evidenced by the O.K. Corral.  If you’re looking for family activities in Phoenix with a little bit of a darker side, Tombstone is where you’ll find famous locations like The Boothill Cemetery as well. The Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park is a great place to start embracing family activities in Phoenix since it was actually built in 1882.

Modern Activities in Phoenix

Maybe your idea of things to do in Phoenix includes something more modern? Rawhide might be just the thing for you then. This theme park has something for everyone in your family. Rock climbing and hay wagon rides are just a few of the attractions. There are a few good places to eat and the kids can even get dressed up in old western garb and have their pictures taken.

Finally, if you’re interested in sharing a little knowledge about one of your favorite movie stars with your children, there’s Old Tucson Studios. This is a 320 acre movie set that John Wayne once filmed on. This is one of the more interesting family activities in Phoenix because you and your children can actually pan for gold  and see live action presentations of cowboys.

There are many different things to do  in Phoenix for you and your family. Whether you live in the state or are just visiting, the place presents interesting mix of adventure and history. The Yuma Territorial Prison is the last place we’ve chosen to include on this list. If you’re interested in different family activities in Phoenix, you can tour the original cellblock that was built in 1876.