It’s the age of the fear of a world without water. It’s daunting, thinking of a reality where not enough water is available to the masses. It’s also been an incredibly educational time. As experts find alternative water resources and resources to secure future sanitation and distribution, communities band together to more actively protect the readily available water in their neighborhoods. The efforts made to sustain what we have has enlightened generations old and new to stay education, make purposeful conversation and efforts and has educated them on best water practices.

One of the best ways to save water in your yard is through irrigation. Phoenix irrigation installation is continually attracting homeowners and reducing the city’s overall water waste.

Here are some irrigation tips and facts on how to water wisely:

  • Irrigation systems with rain sensors sense rainfall and know when to shut down regularly schedule irrigation  These sensors are small and will save you tons of water in the end.
  • Drip irrigation is excellent for a small yard or individual pants. Drip usually supplies 1-4 gallons of water/hour directly to the soil. By providing directly to the soil, no water is lost in wind or evaporation. In a confined area, runoff will be less. Possibly none at all! If you have mulch, drip irrigation is great because it will not wash away the mulch.
  • Use sprinklers for large areas
  • Consider manual sprinklers so that you get to determine how frequently the valve is open and how wide
  • Use automatic sprinklers if you want to programs the appropriate times of day to run the system.
  • Set sprinklers to run late at night or early in the morning to avoid evaporation and wind
  • Manipulate the frequency of the system to give less water more often if you are experiencing run off
  • Monitor conditions so that you can adjust your system accordingly. That’s one of the biggest perks of using an irrigation system! You can always adjust timing and frequency to make sure you’re using water as efficiently as possible.
  • Monitoring your need and use of water will make you more sensitive to water flow and use overall. It’ll be a great asset throughout the day!

How amazing is irrigation? If you want to learn more about the installation process or look into irrigation repair, get in touch with Advantage Lawn Care today!