Part of the fun of working in the yard is planning for the  backyard lighting design that you will use to show off the other improvements that you’ve made. However, you need to be aware of front yard lighting too that will make the difference to the security, safety and curb appeal of your house.

Taking the time to carefully plan every one of your landscape lighting Phoenix moves will do wonders to enhance the landscape features and even the architecture. When you’re thinking about how to design landscape lighting, these simple ideas will give you a solid framework.

Practical and Economical Lighting

First off, you might want to think about how practical and economical it is to include pathway lighting as both a safety and aesthetic item. Stairs can be lit up to increase the safety for everyone in your family and guests. Motion detecting lights near the garage are perfect when you come home late at night. Smart solar landscape lighting tips include illuminating the darker corners of your property where intruders might be hiding.

One of the most popular ideas behind backyard lighting design is what’s called the moonlight effect. Here you want the light to be no more intense than with a full moon, but strong enough to illuminate what would otherwise hide in the shadows.  

Front Yard Lighting

Here’s a great idea to get you started with either front yard lighting or in the back. If you’ve got trees in your yard in either location, you should put them to best use. You can turn them from those silhouettes hiding in the shadows at night to the beautifully highlighted  focal point of your yard by illuminating them from underneath. Mounting a light on the tree provides the same effect.

You should be thinking about letting function and beauty work side by side to get the most from any landscape lighting Phoenix you choose. For example, great solar landscape lighting tips include putting them in or behind the plants that lead up to the front door. This gives off a staggered look and offers a nice variation on the illuminated front pathways that many folks settle for.

When you’re considering how to design landscape lighting, it’s best not to get too carried away. Soft warm white light is the best standard to showcase the foliage and architectural structures around your house. Although you can get a variety of different colors  when you’re looking at spots and floods, many experts in the field warn homeowners off putting on a festive lightshow all year round.  

Don’t be afraid of innovation when you’re putting together some landscape lighting Phoenix ideas. No list of solar landscape lighting tips would be complete without mentioning the fact they now come with better photovoltaic cells and batteries that have longer life spans.

Of course, there’s a cost when you’re wondering how to design landscape lighting.  However, you should keep in mind this renovation will actually add to your curb appeal and general safety so the improvement has an excellent return.