Do you want to create the landscape of your dreams, that will look good both during the day and night? The first thing you’ll notice about landscape lighting in Phoenix is the ideas are really only limited by your imagination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to stylize the front or backyard of your home, putting together unique “light portraits” add an element of beauty and home security. Being safe and artistic at the same time is easy with some of these excellent landscape lighting designs.

You can work in the garden during the day and then show off what you’ve accomplished at night with some novel and interesting backyard lighting designs. If you’re looking to add a Mardi Gras feel to that space that you can use to entertain family and guests when the sun goes down, why not get a string of Bistro lights to give off a warm and romantic vibe?

Make sure that you’re taking advantage of everything Mother Nature offers, and especially the trees in your backyard. Lighting any backyard foliage is an invitation for people inside to make the move to your outdoor spaces. Lighting that is focused on trees rather than pathways tends to steer your guests outside to satisfy their curiosity.

Any backyard space is best served by a variety of different landscape lighting products. You can string some lights up on posts surrounding a deck for an overhead effect, and even place a few smaller landscape lights in the bushes on the edges of the entertainment space. Lighting up the edges of the fire pit completes a total ambiance that friends and family will warm to.

Because making a good first impression and giving your guests a taste of what’s to come in the backyard is critical. Choosing the best bright ideas for both front and back yards makes for asymmetry and cozy atmosphere everyone will enjoy. In the front, you’ll be looking at establishing a little nocturnal curb appeal that will entice guests in and then around to the back.

Simple is always better in the front yard, and landscape lights are a perfect way to mark pathways up to the front door or around the side of the house. If you have a bench or something that you want to illuminate the front yard, a light on top of or behind it draws the attention.

If you want to a more laid-back atmosphere, consider hiding some lights under shrubs to mark the way up to your front door.  If there’s a statue in your front yard you want to highlight, a spotlight will do the trick in a direct fashion. Consider marking a pond or any other water features with soft lighting around the perimeter. Remember to consider LED lights here as they are best used for effect around walkways and other spaces that you want to illuminate for safety and aesthetics.

Taking your time means getting the back and front yard lighting right. It’s a good idea to take a step back and make a sketch of your yard with all the different features and place the lights where you want them to go.

It’s also important to decide which kind best suits your purposes. In-ground lighting should be installed professionally, and artesian lighting is perfect for those little nooks and crannies where you want to create a dramatic effect.

At Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance, one of our specialties is bringing your Phoenix landscape lighting ideas from concept to completion. We’ve been helping families in the Phoenix area for the last eight years, and we’d like to help you find the right selections from our vast array of lighting fixtures choices.