Solar landscape lighting provides the best of both worlds. Not only are your choices renewable and eco-friendly, the solar landscape lights you pick highlight all the painstaking work you’ve done in your yard and accent it beautifully even after the sun goes down. However, you need to take some time to plan and get the desired effect from any solar landscaping projects you take on. Remember that if you decide to start an upgrade or new design, you’ll be in good company. Nearly one of four (23%) homeowners who are planning an outdoor project is planning on including solar lighting according to a recent poll.

Here are a few tips to make that solar landscape light project the talk of the neighborhood.

  • A full 57% of those same homeowners recently polled for a 2016 U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Survey say they want to concentrate on their decks and patios. Of course, that means you’ll want your design to stand apart and you might want to consider combining safety and style. That means lighting the stairs to your deck with solar markers so there’s never a chance of someone not being able to negotiate their way onto and from the deck. This the perfect idea to encourage guests to take strolls after dark and enjoy the rest of the solar landscape lighting you’ve put together too.
  • Keep in mind these solar landscape lights are triggered by the sun and quite often by other lighting sources as well. While it is a good idea that a full 26% of the people that responded to the survey were planning on illuminating their driveways, you should remember these lights are triggered by low light conditions. Be careful not to put them too close to sources of nighttime illumination like street lights or porch lights or they won’t work properly. Second, solar lights need to charge at day and then discharge at night at least five times before you can see if they are working properly.  If you install these solar landscape lights before you’ve worked through these sequences and made sure the batteries are working, you might need to undo all the work you’ve done to take them back.
  • The recent research also points out the average homeowner want to have professional help with their solar landscaping projects. While 52% are looking to hire an expert to help them with designing the project, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to understand your part when it comes to maintenance. Solar panels need to be kept clean and free from the kind of debris that can shorten a battery life and that part is a DIY job.

One of the best aspects of any solar landscaping job is these lights can be installed and left in place all year. However, people who feel better bringing them in need to store them should either remove the batteries or discharge them once a month while the solar landscape lights are not in use. If you leave the batteries in, make sure to keep the lights in an area where they can get at least some sunlight to maintain a charge on the battery.