Ready to master your summer lawn?  That’s what we like to hear!  At Advantage Lawn Care, we’re committed to keeping landscaping pristine and green, even through summer’s hottest months!  

Here are 3 easy lawn care tips to keep your trimming in check:

  1.  Let it grow, let it grow!

If you’re heading out of town or you forget to water long enough that your lawn goes brown, let it be! Wait until the fall comes to bring your lawn back to life.

  1.  Raise your mower blade 

The taller your grass is, the deeper it grows roots, the more drought-tolerant it becomes!  Try mowing grass at about two to three inches. This should significantly increase water efficiency and drought tolerance.  

  1.  Monsoon mania 

When monsoons come, we get so much water! Enjoy this amazing natural watering supply, and maximize the rainfall by putting buckets out to collect rainwater.  Then use this water for hydrating your plants in the coming days!

Easy enough, right?  You bet.  Enjoy these DIY lawn care services, but remember we’re just around the corner if you need any expert tree care or tree trimming assistance.  Good luck, and happy landscaping!