Growing grass in Phoenix can be a very difficult task in itself, but nothing can ruin a hard-earned yard faster than pesky weeds that sprout up and begin to take over. If left unchecked, a weed invasion can quickly take over, squeeze out and steal the nutrients from your grass and garden. Maintaining a nice lawn takes enough time, but no one has time to hand pull the weeds, one by one, in a way to ensure that they are gone for good. Here are some of the best weed killers for Arizona.

Chemicals – any home improvement or Wal-Mart will sell numerous kinds of chemical weed killer in point and shoot spray bottles or shake on fertilizers. These are very effect and can target the weeds specifically but are not necessarily the best options if you are looking out for the environment or your family’s well-being. Pets and kids running around your yard may cause some concern and be a reason to seek out more family friendly alternatives.

Newspaper – before you plant a garden or if you have a troublesome area that weeds infest, try covering the weeds with recycled newspaper, 10 layers thick is usually enough to block the sun and oxygen from reaching the soil and weeds. Throw the newspaper down and soak it with water so it will stay in place and then cover it with mulch or topsoil. This will kill the weeds and prevent new ones from growing and also nourish the soil as it decomposes.

Old Shower Curtains/Carpet – Same idea as the newspaper, however, they won’t break down and keep weeds out year after year.

Corn Gluten Meal – stopping the weeds before they start to grow is a great plan of attack and this corn by-product does just that. Spread it around your plants and any seedlings that have taken root, and it will stop the germination of any weeds that try to take over.

Vinegar and Soap – the drying property in vinegar is great for getting rid of young weeds with undeveloped root systems. The acetic acid in the vinegar, however, can’t distinguish between good and bad plants, so make sure that you cover the plants you wish to keep. Try mixing a bit of soap to your vinegar because it tends to run off of the weeds with oily and waxy leaves and the soap will break down those surfaces down allowing the vinegar to absorb.  

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