When fall finally arrives in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenicians tend to rejoice and begin spending more time outdoors as the temperature drops. A lush, beautiful lawn is the perfect place for kids to play or for a family to relax outside, but it does take a little bit of work and care to grow and maintain a winter lawn. Use the following tips to ensure that your winter lawn grows in and that you understand the basics of winter lawn care:

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

A good rule of thumb is to overseed your summer bermudagrass with perennial or annual ryegrass seed when daytime high temperatures are between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and the low temperature is near 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This typically happens around the third week of October, so begin paying attention to weather forecasts at the beginning of the month.

Approximately 25 days before you plan to overseed your lawn, discontinue using any type of fertilizer so new growth is not encouraged. Around 10 days before planting your winter lawn, increase the height of your lawn mower by about 35%, and decrease watering by skipping every third day. 3 days before overseeding you should remove 50% of the grass height, and the day before planting, raking is helpful as it scratches up the soil so the rye grass seed can take hold when it is spread.

Help the Winter Grass Grow

When the time comes to put down the rye seed, it is recommended that 10 to 15 pounds is used for every 1000 square feet of lawn. After all of the seed has been laid, spend some time raking the area to help ensure that the seeds are in contact with the soil. For the first several days after planting, your lawn will need to be watered for 10 to 12 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day. After the seeds germinate and the ryegrass in your lawn reaches a height of 1 inch, you can reduce watering to just once a day.

Maintain Your Winter Lawn

Winter ryegrass tends to be a little more high maintenance than summer bermudagrass, so the easiest way to maintain it through the season is by hiring a landscaping lawn care company to visit your home regularly to mow your lawn and apply the proper fertilizers to keep your winter grass green.

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