Many people wonder where does Phoenix get its water? Even natives find themselves hoping to answer this question in their lifetime, and to find the best information on how to save water in the desert climate.

One local favorite trick is to plant water friendly trees in Arizona. They add green to the landscape without hogging the natural resource and racking up the water bill.

Here are the most water efficient, best trees for Arizona:

  1. Museum Palo Verde

This tree grows incredibly fast and boasts bright yellow blooms come spring.

Image of Palo verde tree in Phoenix AZ

  1. Chilean Mesquite

 A desert classic, the Chilean Mesquite grows and fans out quickly, meaning it’ll help provide shade to the surrounding yard.

Chilean Mesquite tree in Phoenix landscape.

  1. Sissoo

The Sissoo actually resembles an Aspen, making it a lush choice and great way to change up the desert-landscaping look.

Sissoo tree in Phoenix yard.

  1. Tipu 

The Tipu is thick and plush, adding flavor and color to any yard.

Tipu Tree in Arizona

  1. Shoestring Acacia 

The native Australian tree is another fast grower that gives off a weeping effect with its branches and blooms- beautiful!

Image of Shoestring Acacia in Phoenix Arizona yard.

For assistance on purchase and planting, get in touch with Advantage Lawn Care! We’ll figure out the best landscape setup for your yard, and take it from there.