Tree Removal Phoenix AZ ServicesTree Removal Phoenix AZ Services

A time may come when a Phoenix property owner must remove a tree for a number of reasons:

  • Possible problems with a home’s foundation
  • Need for removal to add an improvement
  • Tree has become diseased or has died

Regardless of the reason for removal, this process should only be done by professionals. Thousands of accidents and even deaths are reported when those without the proper experience attempt to get rid of a tree. We recommend looking into our Phoenix landscaping tree removal services to find the best course of action to prohibit the need for tree removal due to disease or storm damage. Once you have determined the time has come to take out a tree, by choosing Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance, you can be assured it will be done safely.

Here are a few items Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance will consider when choosing the right method and will always use the safest, most efficient and economical route:

  • The tree’s size
  • The tree’s location
  • Clearance distance from adjoining properties
  • Safety concerns for both person and property
  • Take-down perimeter

Not only will Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance ensure your tree will be removed safely, but we will also help with the clean-up after the job is done to your satisfaction. Taking out the tree is only half the battle. We offer many options for the post project.

  • Full clean-up
  • Removal of branches
  • Creating firewood from the remains
  • Re-planting a new tree or vegetation
  • Stump grinding

The decision to remove a tree is never an easy one. Keep in mind many reasons to remove a tree can be avoided. Proper tree trimming, and feeding rank the highest, but picking the right spot to plant a tree initially will safeguard generations to come from dealing with possible issues. Read up on Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance tree removal Phoenix services to see what precautions you can take to keep your family, home and property safe when planning a landscape upgrade.


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