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Do you have a really tall palm tree? Or a tree looking like it needs some extra TLC (tender loving care)?

Dead or sick trees aren’t just a sore sight in an otherwise beautiful landscape; they can also spread diseases to other, healthy trees and attract damaging insects. Dead trees can also become a hazard to your house or yourself during a storm.

Also, don’t get hurt by trying to trim a really tall palm tree, our expert palm tree trimming Phoenix AZ services will professionally manicure your trees so you can be proud of them.

Let us help you in creating and maintaining a magnificent display that features the right trees for your needs with our tree services. Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance can also help you maintain your investment for the future.

With over 20 years of experience in tree trimming, Phoenix residents know they can depend on Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance for emergency tree clean up and removal, tree cutting or scheduled trimming. Because we know that trees need more than just water and a yearly trim, Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance offers other tree services like:

  • Diagnostics
    Our experts can analyze the soil to determine which trees thrive in the soil, the right fertilizer to use, and more. We can also use our diagnostic expertise to determine if your existing trees have diseases or are being damaged by insects.
  • Tree Planting
    After helping you choose the right trees for your landscape we will properly plant the trees for you.
  • Fertilization
    From newly planted trees to old-timers, we will help you determine the proper fertilization every tree needs to remain strong and healthy.
  • Stump Grinding
    Grinding the stump properly can create nutrient rich mulch that can be reused for your landscape.
  • Tree Cabling
    This technique is used to reduce excessive motion of limbs. Let us help you keep your tree and your home safe from swinging branches during a storm.
  • Tree Bracing
    Our experts use sturdy bolts or threaded rods to reinforce, secure and pull together split trunks or branches and stabilize limbs that are rubbing together.
  • Tree Pruning
    This technique is not as easy as some may think. Aside from cutting away dead branches it is also used as a preventative technique to avoid a potentially hazardous branch coming down. Because of the potential damage to the tree, branches should not be cut at random.
  • Tree Spraying
    There are two types of tree spraying methods that are used to keep your trees healthy. Preventative and curative. Ideally with preventative spraying your trees stay free of damaging insects. If your trees are affected already, curative sprays administered by our experts can stop any further damage done by the insects.
  • Protective Disease and Insect Injections
    Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance is dedicated to help you in keeping your trees healthy and safe. We have the tools to free your trees of diseases and insects in addition to prevention methods.
  • Choosing the right trees for your property
    Consult our expert arborists in choosing between ornamental, shade and fruit/nut trees. We can help you pick the perfect type that will thrive in your soil and location.
    There are many different trees to choose from but not every tree is a good investment for you, your property or your wallet. Well-positioned, planted and maintained trees are extremely important to your landscape. At Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance we will ensure your trees are a valuable asset to your outdoor space.

Why include Tree Services in your Landscaping Plans?

Well-placed trees can enhance the overall look and feel of your landscape, front and backyard. They can even make your flowers and shrubbery stand out.
The benefits of having trees as part of your landscaping include:

  • Shade
    Big, full, healthy looking trees can help give your outdoor guests some relief from the hot Texas sun and will allow them to enjoy your landscaping fully. Add a stone bench to enhance the look and feel of that shady spot.
  • Privacy
    Those big and lush trees are a great tool to add more privacy to your property.
  • Fruit & Nut Yielding Trees
    Depending on the type of tree you choose, you may be rewarded with delicious fruits and nuts to enjoy. We can help you find the right trees to grow in the Phoenix climate.
  • Energy Savings
    Planting the right trees in select locations can reduce your energy bill by 30-50%. At Advantage Lawn and Outdoor Maintenance we are here to help you make the best and most beautiful decisions regarding your landscape.
  • Healthier Environment
    Trees are vital to the environment. They attract and are home to wildlife but most of all they produce oxygen. Did you know that an average sized tree can produce enough oxygen for a family of four for up to one year?

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